Local Interaction Models with Mathematica and Java

The LocalInteractions package extends Mathematica with over 50 functions for the construction of local interaction models of evolutionary games. It uses a special Java engine so that models run quickly once they have been configured.  Graphs specifying the underlying topology are created using Combinatorica, a standard package included with Mathematica.

This combination of Java and Mathematica provides for maximum flexibility and speed in the design and analysis of local interaction models of evolutionary games.

Download After the download has completed, unpack the zip file and open the file named "Installation Instructions.nb" in Mathematica.  You will need to copy a few files to a special directory on your computer in order to be able to load the package using ordinary <<Package`SubPackage` notation within Mathematica.


Many thanks to Lloyd Levon and Steven Skiena (SUNY Stony Brook) for allowing me to incorporate a modified version of their Java Graph Editor in this software.

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Dr J. McKenzie Alexander
Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method
London School of Economics and Political Science